Town Staff

cvThe Town of Columbine Valley is operated on a day-to-day basis by a small but professional and efficient staff.  The Board of Trustees hires the Town Administrator and Chief of Police, who oversee the rest of the Town’s employees and contractors. The Town Attorney and Town Treasurer are also appointed by the Board of Trustees.

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The Town Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town. This office implements the policies set by the Board of Trustees, oversees various projects of the Town Government, ensures efficient, quality services are delivered to the community, and facilitates the flow of information from staff to the Town Board. The Town Administrator directly supervises the following departments:

The Manager of Support Services oversees the Town’s human resource, accounting and risk management functions, as well as serving as the Municipal Court Clerk.  The Municipal Court processes Town of Columbine Valley and Town of Bow Mar misdemeanor and traffic offenses. Email the Manager of Support Services:

The Public Works Department oversees the Towns facilities, fleet and infrastructure which include the Town Hall facility, Town parks, street maintenance and snow removal.  The Manager of Public Works collaborates with the Town’s engineers and other contractors and consultants as needed. Email the Manager of Public Works:

The Building Department is responsible licensing contractors and for reviewing and approving requests for building permits in the Town.  The Administrative and Building Department Coordinator and Building Inspectors oversee the operations of these functions. Email the Building Department Coordinator:

Community Development includes long-range planning, transportation improvements and development review.  These services are conducted by our dedicated contractors including the Town Planner, Assistant Planner and Traffic Consultant. Email the Town Planner:

Engineering services enhance public health and safety in Columbine Valley through efficient engineering services, capital improvements, construction management, design review, and operation of the Town’s infrastructure.  The Town contracts most of these services with outside consultants.

Communications and Outreach functions include maintaining relationships with Columbine Valleys’ multiple HOAs, the Columbine Country Club and numerous neighboring jurisdictions.  The Town communicates directly with its citizens via the Town’s website and quarterly newsletter, the Columbine Valley Voice.

The Town Administrator is also the Town Clerk, serving as the custodian of all Town legal documents, administers liquor licenses and municipal elections and oversees the Town’s dedicated team of volunteers who handle the digital conversation of Town archives.

View the monthly TA Report: Town Administrators Report October 2018

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The Chief of Police oversees the Columbine Valley Police Department, serving both the Town of Columbine Valley and the Town of Bow Mar. Officers respond to calls for service, conducts follow-up investigations and are responsible for the enforcement of Federal and State laws, as well as Municipal Ordinances.  The Police Department also oversees the House Watch program, assists with Code Enforcement and administers the Town’s IT functions.

The Town Attorney is the legal adviser to the Town Board and Town employees.  They are responsible for representing the Town in all legal and litigation proceedings; drafting and reviewing ordinances and resolutions; assist in the negotiation of agreements, contracts and other legal documents and transactions; employ specialized counsel in certain areas as needed; attending Town Board meetings, representing the Town in all matters before the Columbine Valley Municipal Court, and performing all services related to the position as may be required by the Town Charter, the ordinances of the Town or the Board.  The Town Attorney’s Office, does not give legal advice to private citizens. If you are seeking information about your legal rights, you should consult a private attorney.

The Town Treasurer maintains the Town’s financial system, oversees Town finances and maintains records in compliance with federal, state and county statutes as well as Town ordinances.   They are responsible for the financial activities of the Town, prepare policies, procedures and systems necessary to ensure that effective controls are in place to protect the financial affairs of the Town, maintain a system of control to monitor expenditures, prepare monthly financial reports for the Board of Trustees, prepare the annual operational and capital budget and work closely with financial consultant to complete the annual audit.