Solicitations/No Visit List

doorDoor-to-door Solicitation

The Columbine Valley Municipal Code requires door to door Solicitors, Peddlers, or Hawkers to register with the Town before visiting any households within the town limits, and to carry their permit with them when soliciting.

Solicitors interested in obtaining a permit can download, complete and return the Application for Solicitor Permit.  Applications must be submitted in person by the individual applying for the permit.

Columbine Valley residents can see a sample Solicitor Permit Badge here and can read the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions here.

Adding to the “No Visit List” In addition, the Columbine Valley Municipal Code allows residents to sign up on a “No Visit List” that prevents any solicitor, peddler or hawker from visiting the resident’s home. Solicitors, peddlers or hawkers that visit those homes are in violation of Town code.

Residents interested in adding their household to the “No Visit List” should phone or send an e-mail with their name and address to

Commercial and Non-Commercial Flyers The Town Columbine Valley prohibits the distribution of any commercial or non-commercial flyer at any privately owned property or attached to any sign utility pole, transit shelter or other structure within the public right-of-way. Telephone directories or newspapers of general circulation in the Town published primarily for the purpose of disseminating news are not considered a commercial flyer.