Snow Removal


The goal of the Town of Columbine Valley is to provide snow removal services to all Town streets within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling.  This time estimate is based on an average snow of three inches or less.

The Town’s priority is to keep arterial roadways and bus routes open to facilitate emergency traffic and citizen transportation.  The second priority is to clear snow from all remaining residential streets.

Snow removal crews work in conjunction with the Town’s Police Department and with fire, paramedic and utility service providers to provide immediate access to any location where an actual life-threatening emergency exists.

To report a snow-related problem during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM please call 303-795-1434.  For snow emergencies after business hours or during weekends or holidays call Arapahoe County Dispatch at 303-795-4711 and ask to speak to a Columbine Valley Police Officer.


Snow operations will commence with snow reaching a depth of 1/2”.  Crews will plow based on established routes, with main roads and arterials being plowed first followed by residential streets.   Snow will first be cleared with 8-foot lane in each direction. Crews will plow again within 24 hours to clears snow gutter-pan to gutter-pan.

Cul de Sacs are generally the last to be cleared as they oftentimes require alternate equipment and/or a greater time commitment and priority must be given to clearing main roadways.

Depending on weather conditions and snow depth, widening, ice removal and cleanup operations may take place several days after a snowstorm.

Columbine Valley does not have a bare pavement policy.


The Town may distribute ice slicer as needed.  Operations will be limited to hills, intersections and curves.


Residents are encouraged to refrain from parking on the street during and immediately following a snowstorm.  Parked vehicles and other obstructions interfere with the safe and continuous operation of snow removal equipment.


The Town is not responsible for snow which is deposited in private driveways.  Plow operations have very little discretion as to where the snow can go.  The priority of the drivers is to clear the streets to ensure safe travel.

It is a violation of Colorado Revised Statute 43-5-301 to create hazards in the public right-of-way; this includes plowing snow off of private drives.  When clearing your drive way of snow, please do so onto lawns or other spaces not in the public right-of-way.


The Town will do all that it can to conduct operations in a manner to not disturb mailboxes, landscaping or other improvements.

Postal regulations require residents to clean snow from in front of mail boxes to allow for small mail delivery.

Mailboxes and driveway entrance features installed along roadways and in right-of-ways are at the risk of the owner.  Mailboxes damaged from lack of owner maintenance or snow load from plowing are not the responsibility of the Town.

The Town will not assume any responsibility for damage to any landscaping located within the Town’s right-of-way during snow removal operations.