Request a Continuance

If you would like to request a continuance, you may do so by filling out the request for continuance form below, stating the reason why you cannot make your original court date.  Your next court date will be the 3rd Thursday of the following month.

Please note that you are allowed only one continuance. Failure to request a continuance by the Wednesday before your court date will result in a Failure to appear being added to your record.

Failure to appear on the continued court date (the third Thursday of the following month) will result in a warrant or judgment being issued.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Please note: your request is not official until you receive a confirmation by email from the Columbine Valley Court Clerk.  If you submit this form and do not receive an email confirmation, your continuance has not been granted.  You may follow up by phone at 303-795-1434 .