Mayor and Board of Trustees

The Columbine Valley Board of Trustees has six members elected at-large to four-year terms. The Mayor, also elected at-large, governs for a two-year term.

The Town Board serves as the community’s legislative body, taking action through the enactment of ordinances, resolutions and adoption of an annual budget, which provide direction for the Town Staff to follow. The Board appoints a Town Administrator, Town Marshall, Attorney, Treasurer, and Municipal Judge.

Expiration of terms are staggered and elections for Trustees are held in April of even numbered years. After each election, the Board elects from among themselves a Mayor Pro Tem who, in the absence of the Mayor shall perform the duties of Mayor.

Mayor, Richard Champion (Term Expires April 2020)

Trustee, Public Safety/Mayor Pro Tem; Bruce Menk (Term Expires April 2022)

Trustee, Building; Kathy Boyle (Term Expires April 2022)

Trustee, Community Affairs; Gale Christy (Term Expires April 2020)

Trustee, Planning; Bill Dotson (Term Expires April 2022)

Trustee, Finance; Gary Miles (Term Expires April 2020)

Trustee, Public Works; Roy Palmer (Term Expires April 2020)


Mail for all Columbine Valley Town Board of Trustees can be sent to:

(Name of Trustee)
Town of Columbine Valley
2 Middlefield Road
Columbine Valley, CO 80123

Fax: 303-795-7325