Columbine Valley is a town made up of strong neighborhood communities.  There are nine Homeowner Associations in the Town and it is a requirement that all residents belong to the association nearest your home.  Covenants for each association are different, so you should have a copy of your own covenant to see what is allowed.

The Town does not maintain current documents or provide any services directly to the HOAs and residents are encouraged to contact their association directly with questions.

Click here for the Home Owner Association Boundaries.


HOA: Burning Tree

President: Ted Snailum

Architectural Review: Vince Harris

Meeting Dates: 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Meeting Locations: Town Hall

Web Site: www.burningtreeHOA.org


HOA: Polo Meadows

President: Bill Brittan

Architectural Review: Kristin Schweitzer

Meeting Dates: Quarterly

Meeting Locations: Varies

Web Site: None


HOA: Columbine Valley (Old Town)

Primary Contact: Jon Piper

Architectural Review: Jon Piper

Meeting Dates: 4th Tuesday of Every Month, 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Locations: Town Hall

Web Site:  www.columbinevalleyHOA.org


HOA: Country Club Estates

President:  G. Thomas Marsh

Meeting Dates: Annual Meeting usually in October, other meetings as required

Meeting Locations:  Columbine Valley Estates

Web Site: None


HOA:  Country Club Villas

President: Dave Cope

Architectural Review: Myron Beard

Meeting Dates: Annually in Oct or Nov

Meeting Locations: Town Hall

Web Site: None


HOA: The Village

President:  Jeff Brooks – president@villagecv.com

Architectural Review: Adam Green – architecture@villagecv.com

Meeting Dates: Quarterly, usually the first week of each quarter

Meeting Locations: Town Hall

Web Site: www.villagecv.com


HOA: Columbine Villas Townhouse Association

President: Bill Klein

Architectural Review: Jeff Sahr

Meeting Dates: 4th Wednesday of Every Month

Meeting Locations: Town Hall

Web Site: None


HOA: Villa Avignon HOA, Inc.

President: Bill Dotson

Architectural Review: Bill Dotson

Meeting Dates: Annually in Sept

Meeting Locations: Town Hall

Web Site: None


HOA: Brookhaven HOA

President: Rich Gunlikson



Town Orientation for HOA Board Members