What we don’t do

The Town of Columbine Valley does not handle telephone service, water, sewer, electricity, gas, fire rescue or cable TV.  For information regarding these services, please contact the following providers.calendar2

Water: Denver Water, general: 303-893-2444 emergencies: 303-628-6801, www.denverwater.org

Sewer: Columbine Water and Sanitation & Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation, 303-979-2333

Gas and Electric: Xcel Energy, general: 800-895-4999, electric emergency: 800-895-1999, gas emergency: 800-895-2999, www.xcelenergy.com

Cable Television: Comcast, www.comcast.com

Fire Protection: Littleton Fire Department: general: 303-794-1555, emergencies: 911

School District: Littleton Public Schools: 303-347-3300, www.littletonpublicschools.net

Library: Arapahoe Library District: 303-542-7279, www.arapahoelibraries.org

Parks and Open Space:  Columbine Valley Parks and Open Spaces are maintained by the various Home Owner Associations.

South Suburban Parks and Recreation, 303-798-5131, www.ssprd.org

Recreation: Columbine Country Club, 303-794-2674, www.columbinecountryclub.org