How to Decipher Your Ticket


A – Summons and Complaint Number, preceded by either a CV for Columbine Valley or a BM for Bow Mar.

B – The date and time of your court appearance.

C – Instructions on how to proceed.

If Box “A” is checked and you were cited with “Compulsory Insurance” but you did have insurance at the time of the ticket and for the vehicle you were driving, you may bring proof to the office to dismiss the charge. You may speak with the clerk about additional charges at that time.  If you were not cited for insurance, your Court date is mandatory and you must appear on the date stated on your ticket.

If box “B” on the ticket is checked, a fine and Mail-In plea bargain is being offered. The standard plea bargain is a 2 point reduction. This plea bargain can be obtained through the mail and does not require a court appearance. If you elect to take the Mail-In plea bargain, the following table shows the violation you will be receiving on your driving record. All payments must be received 24 hours prior to your court date.

Additional instructions appear at the bottom of your ticket, and on the back.


REMEMBER: THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT read both sides carefully and follow all instructions.  If you have any questions you may call the Clerk of Court at 303-795-1434.  While Town employees are not allowed to give legal advice, they are happy to assist you in any way they can.