Contractor License

You must be licensed if you will be doing work for compensation in Columbine Valley. The license process is intended to assure quality construction practices. The application fee is based on the type of license.

Contractor License Online

General Contractor = $160/year


General Contractor (after June 30th) = $80/ for 1/2 year


Plumber   = $100/year


Plumber (after June 30th) = $50/ for 1/2 year


Roofer = $100/year


Roofer (after June 30th) = $50/ for 1/2 year


Mechanical  = $100/year


Mechanical = $50/ for 1/2 year


Electrician = No Fee

Other miscellaneous contractors may require licensing by the Town. All license fees are charged 50% if applied for after June 30th and all licenses expire on December 31st.