Our CommunityUnique for Colorado in 1955 was the establishment of a championship golf course surrounded and interspersed among its fairways by some 200 home sites. The 17 founding members selected as a beautiful, natural setting the 295-acre Heckendorf Farm located along the South Platte River Valley west of the city of Littleton. The area offered an open view of the mountains, a plateau and a winding river valley, all of which reflects a feeling of quiet spaciousness. The State flower was used to name the project “Columbine Country Club.

A spirit of pioneering, neighborliness and fun characterized the early community, which grew at a moderate pace. As in later years, the elected leaders met often to solve new problems as they arose. The changeover from a farm to a suburban atmosphere was not immediate. Deer were frequent visitors to the golf course, and occasionally livestock from neighboring farms got loose and wandered over the golf fairways.

The success of the community attracted the interest of neighboring communities, particularly Littleton and Denver. There were rumblings of annexation to increase the tax base of these cities. The Bow Mar development was likewise threatened, and incorporation there was initiated as a protective measure. Columbine homeowners began holding meetings on the subject and the eventual vote to incorporate the entire area was overwhelming.

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