Budgets & Finances

The Town’s annual budget is developed to ensure that all services to our citizens and visitors are maintained, while preserving the Town’s long-term financial health. The Town Treasurer prepares the budget with assistance from the finance Trustee and Town staff, and presents it to the Board of Trustees. The Board holds a public hearing on the proposed budget and the final budget is approved each December. The fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Town of Columbine Valley 2018 Town Budget

Town of Columbine Valley 2018 Cert. of Tax Levies

Columbine Valley 2017 Amended Budget and Reolution 6 2018

Columbine Valley 2017 Budget – Narrative Portion

Columbine Valley 2017 Budget – Financial Portion

2017 Mill Levy Columbine Valley

2016 Amended Town Budget